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Published 23 May, 2022

A Member Owned Cooperative

We value creativity. We work differently. This is at the core of why we at the Club of Engineers do what we do. In doing so we strive to deliver excellence in everything we do for our Clients. We work differently by operating under a member owned cooperative framework. Our consultants become members, and owners, of our Dutch Cooperative. This inclusivity stimulates members to share knowledge and experience, in order to know that what they represent provides the best possible solutions to our clients. In return they share in the profits, by means of an annual dividend distribution.

Annual Dividend Distribution

Our dividend distribution model also shares the creative trait of our members, while dividends are a proven reward mechanism, we are exploring a concept which rewards not only members for their own contribution but also for their indirect contributions realised by introducing other members and Clients for whom the Club of Engineers ends up providing services.

Each assignment will earn the Cooperative revenue contributing to the potential dividends. This revenue is realised by our assigned company’s by paying 5% to the Cooperative on top of member earnings while on assignment. When declaring a dividend, 10% gets distributed to our Advisory Members, 20% to our Principal Members and 70% to all Members according to their weighting based on their direct and indirect contributions.

Business Developers and Networkers

Recently, we had a workshop with our members to show how the distribution may be influenced by being an active member and facilitating introductions. Some members see themselves as Business Developers, while working elsewhere. A simple introduction to a Client whom ends up contracting our services will support that Member’s dividend weighting even when they did not perform any assignments themselves. Likewise, a Member whom considers himself a Networker, introducing many other members whom end up working on our projects, will also earn more dividends by doing so.

Our Mission

We have a mission, to declare a dividend of 500.000 Euro by 2024 based on 120 active members. Help us achieve this, be an active Member and introduce other members and Clients, and share in our dividends like an entrepreneur!


Co-Founder Spotlight

Gijsbert setup the Club of Engineers with the original purpose of creating a home base for independent and entrepreneurial spirited professionals. A place where individuals could feel part of an organisation, could get involved in working on something bigger and could share in successes through a member owned cooperative, all the while, being valued by our Clients for their knowledge and experience, with support from the collective. 

Gijsbert Bakker
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