For the Members,

by the Members.


We are a member owned Dutch Cooperative that values creativity & challenges tradition.

Membership Benefits




  • Be promoted on a global stage to international and regional clients.
  • Meet fellow Members, during our social events, both in person and online via our dedicated platform.
  • Meet industry experts and prospective clients on a global level.




  • Get access to a wealth of knowledge from fellow Members for personal and professional development.
  • Join internal workshops and one-on-one sessions with our expert advisors.
  • Get help from fellow members while on assignment.




  • Get paid competitive market rates, set your own hourly rate.
  • Earn dividends by introducing fellow Members and Clients/Projects.
  • Reduce your overhead by contracting via COE. We take care of the back office.


Our extensive membership base represents a broad variety of specialists, entrepreneurs and consultants.

Do you have experience in COE’s Service Sectors?
Do you enjoy networking and building business relationships?
Are you a creative problem solver?
Do you hold a National Diploma in the field of Engineering?
Do you have project management experience?

    If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions, let’s chat.

    We aren’t only after engineers. We are after like-minded go getters, that want to use and develop their skillset to make a difference.  

    Member Testimonials

    Being a member of COE has been more than just belonging to a company. It’s more than just an eight to four daily interaction. It promotes ownership and responsibilities at a workplace and that’s regardless of where workplace is.

    Paul Lutete

    There is a real empathetic approach by COE where you get the impression that you are, as an individual being heard and then when they bring potential opportunities your way – the evidence of being heard is confirmed. You can ascertain that the position is not a ‘gap filler’ as is the case with previous consultants I have worked with but rather a mutually beneficial relationship is being offered where the values of the proposed employers are matched with your own value drivers.

    Fazila Cariem

    My collaboration with Club of Engineers has always been efficient and professional – working with the COE team in an open and transparent manner, with a clear focus on achieving the targets, has been a pleasure!

    Niels Anderson

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