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Club of Engineers endeavours to minimise overheads and maximise project delivery. We support Clients that require specialised and cost effective solutions to make their projects a success. 

Commitment to Clients

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Gain access to talent you can trust in the COE member pool of highly talented individuals, committed to best represent the Cooperative. By relying on a trusted network of independent professionals you won’t  need to carry continuous staff overheads. We operate with full transparency,  aided by our Client Portal, which keeps record of all contracts, project documentation and timesheets.




We centralise contracting professionals through the Club of Engineers, giving clients peace of mind that we will comply with their contracting and procurement terms and conditions. We take care of all contracting and payroll matters in accordance to the FIDIC white book for consulting services. Members are covered by our insurances while on assignment and we can support them with work permit applications and digital project management platforms.


COE Client Results



We provide an unbiased analysis of your projects, be it technical due diligence on an asset or assessing the feasibility of a project. We aim to provide a return on your bottom line by providing practical and proven solutions supported by an agile project management team and advisors. It is in our members’ DNA to make it work!


Client Specifications

Like all relationships, it is important we share common values with our Clients and are aligned on their objectives. All clients are screened before being assigned support from the Club of Engineers, in order to ensure that we are able to offer you the quality support you deserve. Note: Our documentation language of choice is English.

Shared Values

Entrepreneurial Clients who appreciate informal, direct and transparent dialogue. Share our values of Excellence, Integrity and Respect.

Temporary Support

We are best matched to clients which are medium sized enterprises, who are engaged in brownfield and greenfield projects. Who do not like heavy overhead and welcome the temporary engagement of our Consulting Members for support on their projects. 


We contract with our clients based on the FIDIC whitebook for consulting services. This is our most cost effective contracting solution. Should our Clients require additional insurances and different terms, this can be discussed but at a price.

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We can rely on Club of Engineers to bring us quality personnel, to support our projects with practical hands on experience, and with an understanding of the commercial and technical needs of our business.

Hendrik Wijkstra, VTTI

Club of Engineers efficiently supported us with interim project management and commissioning support during a busy time commissioning our scrubber systems on Client vessels across the globe.

Han de Voogt, VDL AEC Maritime

The Club of Engineers is clearly a people-centric organization, where they provided a solution to retain our former personnel migrating to South Africa and establish business control consulting services to support our projects across the globe.

Jan-Oege Goslings, Arcadis NV

Club of Engineers helped us launch our company in South Africa and remains a reliable supplier always ready to assist and make it work. We look forward to building a sustainable Solar business in South Africa with continued support from COE.

Patrick van der Meulen, Director

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