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COE brings specialist knowledge and project experience to provide competitive consulting services across various industries. We endeavour to minimise overheads and maximise project delivery for our clients. 

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Our Services

Project Management Consulting

With a wide construction and operational experience in the midstream Oil & Gas, Power, Mining and Maritime industries, The Club of Engineers can provide a project management team comprising of key members to name a few, the Project Manager, Project Engineer, Project Controller taking care of planning and progress, an HSSE manager, a Project Administrator taking care of project data management and the size of the management group depends on the size of the project and client requirement.

The ultimate aim remains to ensure a project delivery within scope, budget, quality, time, and other constraints such as limited or reduced Lost Time due to Incidents (LTI) and Lost Time due to Accidents (LTA).

Technical Due Diligence

The Club of Engineers works with Clients having prospects in the midstream Oil & Gas, Power, Maritime and Mining industries.

On behalf of our Clients, we undertake reasonable steps to ensure we provide comprehensive technical due diligence of a specific asset or process plant in order to make informed decisions.

Due diligence may include appraisal of asset integrity, asset management, business liabilities, business compliance to national and international regulations as well as the evaluation of commercial viability.

Conceptual Design and Feasibility

The Club of Engineers takes pride in conducting conceptual designs and the review of detailed engineering drawings on behalf of its clients.

The tag team dynamics between COE and the project appointed Engineers is to ensure stringent levels of controls starting from Front End Engineering Designs and thus to prevent re-works, re-engineering resulting not just in waste of money and time for COE clients but also postponement of the project milestones delivery dates.

COE prefers to walk with its clients from the onset of the project while playing an advisory role.


Investment Support

COE members include financial investment specialists and advisors, allowing us to link feasibility with financial viability and bankability to support clients with access to financial investment.


Connections and Resourcing

While not our primary aim, we can also support clients with resourcing needs for Projects through our extensive network and membership.



We contract with our clients based on the FIDIC whitebook for consulting services. This is our most cost effective contracting solution. We will tailor our support to suit Client requirements and can include additional insurances and different terms where necessary.



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