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Published 25 Nov, 2021

The biggest challenge to managing a team’s performance efficiently in a production environment is the need to continuously reduce complex environments into effective actions, in a transparent and accountable manner. Activios provides a solution to this challenge, as it serves to inform, engage and empower employees in one system. Learn about Activios’ proactive methods to solve common organizational challenges, the business mapping process and the key takeaways from a reference case of a Tier 1 supplier in the automotive industry. 

Common Organisational Challenges and the Activios Solution 

A. Reducing a complex environment into effective actions 

Implementing Activios in an organization stimulates a “business mapping” process, resulting in a clear understanding of all forums, meetings, agenda’s, participants, KPI’s, scorecards, timeframes, information etc. With this in place, minutes, tasks, and actions become clear.       

B. Transparency

Users access a Web based, real time system for all users.

C. Accountability

Decisions, actions and tasks are documented in real time, then tracked in Activios until completed.

D. Continuity

Core business functions are managed with appropriate feedback loops in one system.  

Business Mapping: Key Considerations to Customize the Activios Platform

The business mapping exercise interrogates an organization’s ability to manage its core functions.

To identify the optimal method of operation, then configure Activios to replicate and support the agreed structure, it is important to understand an organization’s operating structure, not just the organogram, but how it functions.

Key considerations include: 

1. Information Flow – including data, conversations, decisions, up & down etc

2. Communication Lines – Who communicates with whom – and how?

There is a difference between “communication” and “transmitting information” – communication is only effective with understanding and acknowledgment.

3. Decision Gates – Who agrees to do what & when?

4. Organization’s KPI’s – understanding the KPI’s, where the data is collated and constructing the associated scorecards

5. Forum structures – create the forums including attendee’s, meetings, agenda’s, scorecards, frequency etc to create a structured environment for the organization to function efficiently

After “business mapping” and “implementation”, the organization will run so that “the right people get the right information at the right time, to have the right discussions to make the right decisions, which are then logged and tracked in one system, achieving effective results”.        

A Reference Case Study and Key Takeaways from using Activios

Reference Case Study:

A well known Tier 1 supplier in the automotive industry implemented Activios and within 1 year won the “Most improved business” and “Best performing business” awards in the group.

Key takeaways:

Daily Production Action Centres – Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Morale are visualised and tracked in scorecards. A 1hr “chat show” became a 20 min focussed meeting with transparency and accountability

Weekly Management Forum – all aspects of the plants performance, risks and projects are reviewed by the senior management resulting in a very clear status and resulting focus

Monthly Business Results Forum – most importantly, bottom line business results are presented and interrogated by senior management, resulting in strategic interventions, ultimately bringing about long-lasting positive changes

One stop shop – the fact that the entire company runs off one platform ensures common standards, consistency, and continuity – Activios is the catalyst that hold it all together !

meet the author

Niels is a manufacturing and operational management specialist within the automotive and component manufacturing sector with more than 30 years’ experience. He has a practical approach to his work and enjoys being close to the action. His ability to link board room strategy to shop floor operations is one of his strengths in any workplace or project.

Niels was exposed to numerous international companies and government lead interventions during his tenure as Manufacturing Operations Manager for Mercedes-Benz and when consulting for several well know organizations (Optimal Energy, Venture SA, MBSA, Denel, First National Battery, Formex, BAIC to name some).

It is Niels’s experience that stimulated him to seek more efficient ways of managing complex environment – hence his passion for developing and implementing Activios.       

Niels Andersen - Club of Engineers
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