It is the policy of the Club of Engineers, our members and employees, to conduct operations in a manner that is environmentally responsible and befitting of a good corporate neighbour and citizen. This Environmental Policy Statement applies to all areas of our business and aims to implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) that will enable us to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 14001:2015. It is our policy to:

  1. Comply with all environmental laws and regulations in a manner that minimizes the impact on the environment.
  2. Eliminate, or reduce to the maximum practical extent, the release of contaminants into the environment, primarily through pollution prevention (material substitution and source reduction) followed by recycling, and finally through treatment and control technologies. 
  3. Minimise waste streams of all processes, services, products and operations.
  4. Minimise the environmental impact, for the life cycle (including disposal) of all plant, equipment, and other physical assets under our control.
  5. Design products for end-of-life disposal in line with supporting the circular economy.
  6. Minimise travel requirements of employees and members by implementing alternative technologies.
  7. Effectively communicate with employees, members, suppliers, regulators, and customers, as well as the surrounding community, regarding our Environmental Management System (EMS) performance.

This policy will be communicated to all employees, members, contractors and other interested parties and will be reviewed at least annually for effectiveness and relevance to the business and environment.

Date of issue 12 January 2021.

Responsible: Gijsbert W Bakker           
Managing Director and President of the Club of Engineers

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