The Club of Engineers believes that the health, safety and welfare of employees and members is of prime importance and essential for the efficient operation of its undertakings. Senior management recognises the need to conduct the business in a manner that is in line with current legislation and codes of practice and will ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place to comply with all legislative duties and enable the pursuit of continual improvement in its operations and management systems. To this end, the Management Team are committed to implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System which aims to meet or exceeds ISO 45001:2018.

The Duty of Care for safety at work rests upon all sectors of management, employees and members. The organisation will endeavour to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its employees, members and others who may be affected by its work activities, by providing the following: 

a) A safe and hygienic working environment through the design, construction, operation and maintenance of all plant, equipment and facilities;

b) Safe systems of work;

c) (Adequate)Correct instruction, information, training and supervision;

d) Control of all situations likely to cause damage to personnel, property and equipment;

e) Effective facilities for consultation between management and employee/ Member representatives;

f) The undertaking of such tests, examinations, samples and records as are necessary to monitor the working environment and equipment supplied. 

Equally, it is the duty of all employees and members to assist the organisation to achieve its Health and Safety objectives. The organisation expects employees and members to take care of their health, safety and welfare and that of others who may be affected by their actions. Overall responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of the organisation and its personnel is vested in the Managing Director as the named Director for Safety. In its commitment to preventing injury and ill health to employees, members, contractors and others affected by day-to-day operations, and in striving for continual improvement, the Company sets annual objectives and targets against which its performance will be monitored. 

Management will give full support to all those who endeavour to carry out this policy. 

This policy will be communicated to all employees, members, contractors and other interested parties and will be reviewed at least annually for effectiveness and relevance to the business. 

Date of issue 12 January 2021.

 Responsible: Gijsbert W Bakker, Managing Director and President of the Club of Engineers

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